Many artists would agree with Michael Janosky when he says, “Throughout the painting process, I appreciate the feeling of the paint coming off the brush…” and it’s easy to see what he means when he finishes his thought with “…and the rhythms and motion of working across the canvas.”

One unique aspect of his work is its sense of motion.  You can feel the breeze.  In some of his paintings, you almost can smell the wind.  “I strive to capture the mood of the scene and relay a sense of place,” and it’s the rhythms of nature and its motions in wind, sky and water that he captures best.

“As a landscape painter, being a Hoosier is paramount in my work,” he said. “The Indiana landscape offers a variety and complexity of environments, as well as opportunities to experience the simple and often understated beauty of our surroundings. There are limitless sources of inspiration, and I continue to be called to the scenes of my childhood – the shores of Lake Michigan.”

Michael grew up in Michigan City, in the northwest corner of Indiana, an environment dominated by Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes Lakeshore, by wind and stunning sunsets.  “I have been creating visual art for as long as I can remember,” he said.

“I began working in oils as a youngster in the 1970’s. I always have had an interest in art and at an early age remember watching art documentaries, art instruction shows on PBS, and also reading about the arts in the newspaper and magazines. I looked forward to the Arts and Entertainment section of the Chicago Tribune as much as the comics and sports pages.”

While primarily self-taught, he went on to study art history and art appreciation at Purdue University, along with taking oil painting and photography instruction at the Northern Indiana Artists Association in Munster.  His passion for art today, however, has its roots in his fascination with it as a youngster.

“I remember exploring the aisles and shelves at Glenn L. Firme, in Beverly Shores,” he said of an art supply store that’s still there today near his hometown, “imagining the possibilities of all the different media. It was like opening a treasure chest – so much wonderful stuff in such a small space!  I tried many and quickly found that oil painting provided the results I was seeking, and also a process I found satisfying. To this day, the smell of linseed oil and solvent (but not too much solvent!) induces a feeling of comfort.”

Michael’s paintings are vibrant and high-chroma, incorporating brushwork that remains visible to render the elements of the landscape. He works in a representational style and says, “I am inspired by the colors, shapes, atmosphere, and seasonal changes in the Indiana landscape. I strive to remain truthful to my subject while emphasizing that which makes it unique, interesting, and worthy of being documented in a painting.”

It is his exemplary work in oils that juried into Indiana Artisan, and Michael said, “I applied with the hope that acceptance into Indiana Artisan would provide me with opportunities to promote myself and market my work. I also saw it as a measuring rod of sorts, to see how I stood among my peers.”

His subject, palette, sense of color, and brushwork are among the attributes that distinguish his painting, and as a Resident Studio Artist at Nickel Plate Arts and a Juried Artist Member of the Hamilton County Artists’ Association, his work frequently is on exhibit.  Lately, his time at the easel has been supplemented with time in arts leadership roles.  Michael serves on the Noblesville Arts Council, and in 2013 he was invited to paint at the Indiana Arts Commission’s Governor’s Arts Awards Dinner.

- From Indiana Artisan